MCHL Update – Teamsnap Tips for Players and Team Staff


We are thrilled to launch the MCHL beginning this Sunday October 29th!

The MCHL kicks off the season featuring an expanded 94 teams with over 1,400 players and builds on the long tradition of recreational club hockey in HNL’s Eastern Zone.  We are continuing to roll out the TeamSnap functionality and waiting for several additional rosters.

All Week 1 games are posted on the site, and appear in the Teamsnap Mobile app.  The 9 Member Associations would like to extend a sincere and BIG thank you to MCHL Administrator, Genny Spearing, who has gone above and beyond to get this season up and running with so many new features.  Thank you Genny!

Teamsnap Tips

[Download Teamsnap Mobile app]
–Google Play:

[Main Functions]
–Create and log into free account using the email you provided to your home association
–Schedule: View upcoming events and games
–Availability: Set your Availability for all team events and games so team Staff can prepare in advance!
–Team Chat: Share team updates quickly via Team Chat
–Email: Email fellow team members or team staff + store League emails in your app
–Add Family Members: Clink link in app screen to add any additional family members

[Managers & Team Editors]
–Each MCHL team has at least one team staff (Coach, Manager, or Team Admin) with editing permission
–Team editors can add team events or practices and monitor Availability for all events
–**IMPORTANT** MCHL will start the season with Team Editors from the HOME team responsible for entering the score, enter from app as soon as possible after each game
–If a Manager or Team Admin has issues with this please email your scores in to your Association Rep
–MCHL requires copies of game sheets to be retained and forwarded up to Association Reps

–Team Editors are not permitted to edit MCHL assigned games, please contact MCHL Administrator,

Genny Spearing,


[Web Site]
–Our brand new website is posted @
–Searchable Schedules for all Divisions are posted on front page as well as within Standings | Schedule | Scores menu bar
–News items are posted and stored all season
–Handy maps and links to all rink locations under /About Us
–Any players or families having difficulty accessing the app can refer to the web schedule at any time

[Communication & Game Edits]
–We encourage players and parents to direct all inquiries through your Coach or Manager via email via the TeamSnap app
–Coaches, Managers, and Team Admin should direct items they cannot solve to your Division Rep within your Association
–Association Reps can direct their inquiries and any requests to Ms. Genny Spearing, MCHL Administrator,

–Please use Game number, date, and Home / Away teams in the subject line of all emails regarding Schedule edits
–TeamSnap is powerful communication tool and is essential for managing such a large number of players
–Key feature is any Schedule edits or game cancellations will be instantly pushed out to impacted teams via email

[Year End Tournaments]
–Year End Tournaments will be held March 15-17, 2024 for U3 and U18. The U11 and U15 will be held March 22-24, 2024.  All MCHL teams will participate in the year-end tournaments
–Each division will be tiered based on final standings at the end of all regular scheduled games
–Tournament hosts will be determined at a later date!

The MCHL would like to thank all players, coaches, and parents for their participation and wish everyone an exciting fun filled hockey season. We hope you all enjoy the new TeamSnap app designed to enhance your hockey experience!


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